Episode 30 – Trench Safety

Toolbox Topic: Trench Safety

Workers involved in trenching projects face considerable risks. Unprotected trenches can lead to injury or death. Cave-ins result in more work-related deaths than any other excavation-related incident. Additional hazards can include dangerous environments, falling loads, and dangers from mobile equipment. In today’s episode, we will discuss precautions you should take when working in or around trenches.

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Episode 25 – Eye Protection

Toolbox Topic: Eye Protection

We use our eyes for nearly everything, which is why eye protection is so important. Let’s ensure we take the proper precautions at work to keep your eyes safe. In this episode, we will discuss ways to protect your eyes when performing hazardous tasks at work.

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MEWP / AWP Safety

Toolbox Topic: MEWP / AWP SAFETY

Let’s Make Safety Confusing! Aerial lift, aerial work platform, or mobile elevated work platform safety! What is an AWP or MEWP, or an aerial lift? With these acronyms, it can get confusing. Today we will discuss MEWP / AWP Safety and ways to stay safe when working with these machines, no matter what you call them!

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